• Location:
    16 Sidney Street
  • Date Taken:
  • Artist(s):
    Phlegm, Rob Barber, EMA

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These fantastic wall paintings by Phlegm, Rob Barber and EMA can be found just inside the APG Works on Sidney Street along the passageway leading up to the small courtyard.

Phelgm’s wall mural can be found immediately to the left of the passageway and is as beautifully detailed as his other works making use of the shape of the wall. Next to this is Rob Barber’s Gold Girl, gold paint on a purple and white background. On the other side of the passageway, opposite Rob Barber’s painting, is a work by EMA.

To see these works you’ll need to stop by when APG is open (opening times can be found on their website). If you’re walking past they’re well worth stopping by to take a look at. They sell some great artwork by local artists too!


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