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Street art is a temporary and often vulnerable art form. Unfortunately the murals that adorn our streets occasionally get targeted by vandals intent on ruining the hard work of others.

It can take days to produce a piece of street art, and sadly minutes for someone to destroy it. We've had incidents where pots of paint have been thrown at wall murals and other cases where popular artwork has been maliciously tagged. This is pure vandalism.

On a number of occasions I have been approached on social media with the suggestion that street art is a form of vandalism or encourages it. I strongly disagree with this. The vast majority of street art in Sheffield is done legally by professional artists. Many of the murals we find about Sheffield have been commissioned. Sheffield's street art scene helps the vibrancy of the city and gives us accessible art to be enjoyed by all.

To suggest that street art encourages vandalism is frankly ridiculous. Vandals will go about being destructive whether there is street art on a wall or not. Please do not put someone's minutes of destruction in the same category as the hours and days spent by artists providing the great street art murals we are fortunate to have.

From my experience the majority of people love the street art we have. It contributes greatly to Sheffield's urban landscape, adding to the vibrancy of the city. It even draws people here looking to see these works (I know I have been contacted my many tourists to the city seeking out our murals). Our street art scene is an important part of Sheffield. It is there for everyone to enjoy and makes our city that little bit more colourful.

Street Art Sheffield does not condone vandalism, but supports creative and respectful street art.