• Location:
    Sheffield Cathedral
  • Date Taken:
  • Artist(s):
    Steve Millington

Steve Millington’s elephant is based on the idea of the traditional fairground ‘galloper’ and circus promotional posters. Steve is a graduate of the Bolton Institute of Fine and Applied Arts and has a background in traditional sign hand-lettering.

This elephant also links in with the inspiration for the Herd of Sheffield; Lizzie was a circus elephant employed throughout the First World War to carry out the work of horses to cart heavy loads of steel and machinery across Sheffield. The horses that would normally have done this task had been enrolled by the military to help in the war efforts.

Izzy is situated outside the Cathedral on the forecourt.

The Children’s Hospital Charity

The Herd of Sheffield was organised by The Children’s Hospital Charity and Wild in Art to raise awareness of the charity and money for it. Please consider donating to The Children’s Hospital Charity; they do some great work making Sheffield Children’s Hospital even better.

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