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Nottingham is less than an hour away from Sheffield by train. So yesterday I took a trip down there to see is I could discover some of Nottingham’s street art. Thankfully I didn’t have to search hard to find some great murals and graffiti in the city centre.

Station Street

You don’t have to wander far from Nottingham train station to find some fantastic examples of the city’s street art scene. Just off Station Street I found a fantastic piece by Kid 30 that’s a mashup of Tintin, Homer Simpson and Dennis the Menace.

Kid 30

There was plenty of colourful graffiti just to the right of the Kid 30 mural.

Just around the corner were some Cheshire Cat murals leading the way to the Wonder Land Cafe including this one:


Further north just next to the famous Lace Market area is Hockley, the “Soho of Nottingham”. Perhaps unsurprisingly there’s several pieces of street art and graffiti to be found in this area. This large black-and-white wall mural by the Mimm Collective on Broad Street was very striking.

I loved this cinema heroes mural which was just across the road from the Mimm Collective’s mural, but sadly a car was inconveniently blocking the view.

There were also a few murals along Goose Gate including this fantastic one of a girl.

I’m sure there’s much more to be found in Nottingham than what I discovered on this short trip. Hopefully future visits will unveil further fine examples of street art.

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