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Mural of a faceless footballer in the Sheffield FC kit surrounded by other Sheffield icons


Snuff Mill Lane
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Luke Horton


This huge mural on Snuff Mill Lane, just off Ecclesall Road, is a tribute to Sheffield F.C. and the Sheffield being the true home of Football. Founded in 1857, Sheffield F.C. is recognised by FIFA as the oldest existing club still playing football in the world.

There has been some controversy around this mural, which some have misunderstood to have been commissioned to replace the Phlegm artwork that once existed here.

Phlegm’s mural was created in 2016 as part of the Feature Walls festival, but was removed earlier in the year due to structural issues with the wall. The wall was repaired, but sadly the artwork was lost in the process. For several months the wall stood plainly painted. The new artwork was commissioned to rectify the loss of the mural. Phlegm had been approached to paint something new here, but was unavailable.

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