We Are Waves of the Same Sea

  • Location:
    Ecclesall Road
  • Date Taken:
  • Year Created:
  • Artist(s):
    Will Rea

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Artist Will Rea was commissioned by the Sheffield-based educational publisher, Twinkl, to paint this mural on the front of their headquarters.

Will’s inspiration for the mural came from a poem written on the side of a package sent to the Sant’Anna School, a university in Pisa, Italy, during the coronavirus pandemic. The package, from former Chinese students of the university, contained protective equipment. It was sent to express their gratitude for the welcome the university had given them.

Written, in Italian, on the package were the words of ancient Roman philosopher Seneca. These translate in English to:

We are waves of the same sea, leaves of the same tree, flowers of the same garden.

Will used these words as a reminder that as a community we are all in it together as we battle the Coronavirus pandemic.


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