Kelham Island


  • Location:
    Kelham Island
  • Date Taken:
  • Artist(s):
    Pete McKee

Local artist Pete McKee has been a busy man this year. Not only has he had to prepare for his biggest exhibition to date and paint a massive new wall mural at Fox Valley, but he’s also painted one of the elephants for Herd of Sheffield (the city’s largest public art event ever).

Marjorie is a tribute to his late mother and mother-in-law (who shared the name). She is also recognises the hard work of the parents of Sheffield:-

To the proud, strong, industrious men and women who grafted till their muscles ached, their hands burned and their flesh tore, so that they could take care of their families.

The Children’s Hospital Charity

The Herd of Sheffield was organised by The Children’s Hospital Charity and Wild in Art to raise awareness of the charity and money for it. Please consider donating to The Children’s Hospital Charity; they do some great work making Sheffield Children’s Hospital even better.

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