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Last week we shared our favourite street art finds from our recent trip to Manchester. Today we’re sharing some of the best paste-ups we found.

The Northern Quarter

Manchester’s Northern Quarter has become an increasingly fashionable place to live and work. The trendy bars, cafes and restaurants have led to gentrification of the area. However, street art continues to thrive in the quarter.

Big wall murals are commonplace, but are generally commissioned pieces. Get off the main thoroughfares and you’ll find more traditional forms of graffiti.

Paste-ups are a popular form of graffiti art; lots can be found in the Northern Quarters maze of back streets and alleys that sit alongside the shiny new developments and restored buildings. Here are some of the best paste-ups we found the other week.

jungle angelo
Artist unknown
Circus Alley
Artist unknown
The Postman
D7606 and c3

Sheffield Highlights