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This artwork no longer exists.
Barker's Pool
What3Words address
Year created
Date photographed
Robin Loxley


Robin Loxley put up these political posters in response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine on the 24th February (2022).

Posting on Instagram, the artist had the following to say about these paste-ups:

You might like you might not but I will make it very clear this is not condemning the actions quite the contrary. Sheffield is twinned with Ukrainian and I believe if it was sheffield getting attacked today. Some people may well be still sat at home. I on the other hand would have like I did this morning got off my ass and made a point. How big or small my expression was I did something. So all I can say now is god bless you Ukrainian people and even the Russian fighters who should not have been asked to do that to other people. Hope is all we can do if we do nothing!

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