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It’s late December and 2015 is nearly over and a new year upon us. Last month marked the first anniversary of Street Art Sheffield so I thought I’d look back over some of the best (in my opinion) new art works to appear over the last year.

There have been several new works by artist couple Rocket01 and Faunagraphic pop-up across Sheffield this year including a commission for the new Art House and an updated piece at Deacon House.

The large first floor windows at the Millennium Gallery got updated with new artwork from Florence Blanchard.

Blanchard’s Particles replaces the previous work by Phlegm who returned to Sheffield this year to add a new painting to the front of Rare & Racy.

Hidden away on Arundel Street a great large scale wall mural has appeared by Foundry Art on the Arundel Joinery building.

Beyond the city centre Heeley City Farm got a fresh lick of paint after one of their containers got painted with a picture of their resident cat.

Finally, 2015 marked the 35th anniversary of The Leadmill. To commemorate the milestone Pete Fowler painted the entrance to the nightclub and it looks great!

2015’s been a good year for street art in Sheffield. I hope you’ve all had a good year too. Here’s to another good one.

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