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Coloquix wall mural in the Hide

You may have spotted some of Coloquix street art about Sheffield. His works can often be found on derelict buildings. Perhaps his most noticeable piece of street art is on London Road on the shutters of the old Harrison Cameras shop. I was always a fan of his Knife & Folk painting on the wall along Brown Lane to the side of Tamper Coffee (long since replaced by Rocket01’s Neil Armstrong).

Now he’s exhibiting some of his works at The Hide on Scotland Street in Sheffield city centre. There’s some really nice pieces on show, with a good/evil thing going on and of course his trademark naked ladies with black cats.

Coloquix’s LiveEvil exhibition is on at The Hide until the end of June. If you’re drop by don’t miss out on what must be one of Sheffield’s largest choices of tea at Mugen Tea House next door. 30 varieties of tea and very delicious cake (I recommend the apple and maple cake, very moist).

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