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Sheffield’s Millenium Gallery and Dirtyface hosted an evening of art, music and live mural painting on Friday night. It was a great event with a buzzing atmosphere.

People watched, wandered, got creative and chatted whilst four of Sheffield’s finest artists painted live at the event. Live art was provided by Mr Gauky, Kid Acne, Florence Blanchard and Tom J Newell.

Whilst I was there most of the murals were still works-in-progress. So whilst you didn’t see the finished piece you got the benefit of seeing the artists in action (I’m impressed how they weren’t too distracted by the people milling around). This was Mr Gauky’s Nordic inspired piece:-

Kid Acne seemed to have pretty much completed his mural featuring his distinctive style that can be found on streets across the globe:-

Kid Acne is responsible for the Birth of Hip-Hop wall mural on South View Road that is one of the most popular pieces of street art on this website.

Florence Blanchard was painting one of her Particle pieces; similar to the work that she has just done for the front facade of the Millennium Gallery that now brings a bit of colour to the balcony windows.

Tom J Newell, who also curated the evening’s music, was working on this beautiful black-and-white piece:-

Chesterfield artist Jon Boam provided an interactive wall for attendees to contribute to; there was a time-lapse film of him painting the wall on show next to it so that you could see Jon in action too.

It was fantastic to see these artists in action and made for a great Friday night out. A big thank you for all involved!

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