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OK, so I have been planning this for a while and had originally hoped to get this launched at the start of the year, but life got in the way; however, finally I am ready to reveal the Artists section of Street Art Sheffield. Despite the delay November seems like a good time to launch this as it marks the website’s fourth anniversary.

The new section adds another way of discovering street art old and new from across Sheffield with the added context of the people behind the works. Whilst I’ve been going back through the archive of street art and graffiti that has been added to this site over the last four years (there’s been a lot) it’s been amazing to discover just how many different artists have contributed to Sheffield’s scene; and those are just the ones that I’ve been able to easily identify!

Sheffield’s street art scene is forever evolving. As pieces get lost new works appear; sometimes this means the artists contributing to the city’s street art change. As some artists move on to new pastures, new emerging talent appears. It will be interesting to see how the list of artists grows in the coming years.

I hope you enjoy this new addition to the site. You can find the full list of artists here.

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