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Sheffield based illustrator Will Rea has been commissioned by Orchard Square to produce a new mural at the shopping centre in the heart of the city centre. Work is expected to commence at the start of November. Will’s new piece will apparently cover a space of over 15 metres.

Will is a recent graduate who has set up shop as a freelance illustrator from shared studio space in Sheffield. He fought off competition from other local artists when Orchard Square were on the look out for someone to create a new piece of public art for them. Museums Sheffield were also involved in the process of selecting an artist for the work.

With all the redevelopment happening in the city centre right now a lot of the spaces that have been used for street art over the last few years are gradually being lost; so it is good to see private organisations like Orchard Square offering space for new public art. While it’s not street art in the traditional sense (I’m thinking of graffiti art), a lot of the big street art murals that adorn our city are commissioned and it is good to see people backing it and keeping the city centre a creative place.

Will Rea’s website: www.willustration.co.uk
Will Rea on Instagram: www.instagram.com/willustration_/
Street Art Sheffield on Twitter: twitter.com/streetartsheffield

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