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If you head down the hill from the city centre towards the Crown Court today you’ll discover a much improved West Bar. After months of works the area is looking all shiny and new with the first phase of the council’s “Grey to Green” coming to a close.

As part of the regeneration of the area five colourful totem poles measuring some 4m high have been erected along the stretch to brighten the area. These five new pieces of public art can be found along West Bar, Bridge Street and Snig Hill. As it was a beautiful sunny spring lunch time today I took some pictures of the new art works.

Each one represents an aspect of the area’s past from music halls to brewing and is made up of different artworks.

Music Hall totem

Street Life totem

Water totem

Brewing totem

Industry totem

The new sculptures have been met with mixed opinions and I myself am not completely sold on them, but the area is looking a lot better. WIth the sun out it was really pleasant walking along this part of town.

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