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As things slowly start to resemble some form of normality, Sheffield’s cultural scene is coming back to life. Over the last week and a bit we’ve had the chance to view three different solo exhibitions from three local artists: Bubba 2000, Zoe Genders and Kieran Flynn. Each of these artists have contributed to the city’s street art scene over the years. So it was good to see their work in a different environment, hanging in a gallery space.

Bubba 2000 – Works In Progress

Our first exhibition of the summer was Bubba 2000’s Works In Progress show at The Psalter. Well, we say ‘show’ but the artist himself referred to it as a ‘show that’s not a show.’ It featured screen prints, rarities and some previews of works for his upcoming London and Europe shows: ’Lost Boys’ and ‘Live – Girls’.

Bubba 2000 has been an active contributor to Sheffield’s street art scene for many years. His paste-ups can often be spotted around the city. It was nice to see some of these works in pristine condition, hung on the walls of the gallery.

Road to Recovery by Bubba 2000 and two other smaller pieces by the same artist

There were several larger pieces on show too, that showcased Bubba’s ability to work with different mediums.

Stop Making Stupid People Famous, Bubba 2000

Bubba 2000 is The Psalter Hotels’ resident artist. Outside the main gallery are several other pieces by Bubba, including his large feature wall on the rear of the building which is well worth a look.

Leap of Faith

Bubba 2000 will be posting opening times and dates for his Works in Progress show at The Psalter on his instagram feed.

Zoe Genders – LAYERS

Last week, Zoe Genders’ first Sheffield based solo exhibition opened in the Artcade Gallery.

You Don't Own Me, Zoe Genders

Zoe has been painting some colourful murals around Sheffield for the last few years now. Her work often involves large solid coloured shapes that fill the large space afforded by painting walls and shutters. However, Zoe is a truly multidisciplinary artist and is also very talented at cutting up paper to form intricate models. LAYERS does a really good job of displaying her varied works in this small city centre gallery space.

Series of paintings by Zoe Genders

A series of painted boards hang on the wall, next to detailed paper-cut sculptures. Her incredibly detailed tiny bug models, that she has on display near the entrance, really wowed us.

Intricate models of insects by Zoe Genders

LAYERS is on at the Artcade Gallery, in the Forum Arcade, until the end of the month (every Thursday to Saturday).

Kieran Flynn – Jungles

Kieran Flynn started painting during the first lockdown. It didn’t take long for his work to get noticed and he was invited to contribute to the growing trail of painted street cabinets around Kelham Island and Neepsend. His first box on Ball Street proved popular and he has since painted a second box on the opposite side of the road.

Neepsend 3000, Kieran Flynn

This weekend, Kieran opened his first solo exhibition at the Gage Gallery. Kieran has filled the former industrial space with his colourful abstract paintings. The number of works on display is impressive considering he has also been busy working as a school teacher during term time.

Large abstract painting by Kieran Flynn

We particularly like how many of the pieces appear multi-layered and three dimensional, despite being painted against a single flat surface; reminiscent of a hologram.

Greenbelt, Kieran Flynn

Jungles is running at the Gage Gallery, just down the road from his two painted cabinets, until the 22nd August.

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