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With Christmas around there corner, another year is nearly over. Earlier this year we heard someone say that Sheffield’s street art was “boring.” We couldn’t disagree more; looking back over 2023 there’s been some fantastic new murals around our city.

At the start of the year we asked you what were your favourite new artworks of 2022. It was fascinating hearing what our followers’ favourites were and the response was great. We’ve decided to do it again, but open the poll a little earlier to allow more time for people to vote.

We’ve picked 24 artworks created in Sheffield over the last 12 months. We now want you to select up to 5 of your personal favourites. Voting is anonymous.

We’re really looking forward to seeing how people vote. Last time round we had a good idea of what people would vote for. This time, it’s a lot less clear, especially as some of the artworks this year have proven controversial and really split opinion.

Voting is open until the 5th January 2024. Results will be announced the following week.

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