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Good news for fans of 2016’s Herd of Sheffield art trail, next summer will see a new trail of sculptures appear across Sheffield. The Children’s Hospital Charity has announced that the Bears of Sheffield will be arriving in the city from July 2020. The aim is to raise money for the Cancer and Leukaemia ward, a very worthy cause.

The Herd of Sheffield remains the largest public art event to have been hosted by the steel city, but the Bears of Sheffield will be bigger. Sheffield will see 60 large bear sculptures positioned across the city along with 80 baby bears each featuring a unique design.

Jo Peel, Morag Myerscough, Pete McKee, Thereza Rowe, William Luz and Nicolas Burrows have already been named as artists involved in the new art trail. We should see a good variety of creativity on these new bear sculptures. When the Herd of Sheffield was in town many street artists got involved in the project including Rocket 01, Temper, Kid Acne and Rob Lee.

You can find out more about the new trail and how you can get involved over at The Children’s Hospital Charity website. If you want to relive 2016’s trail head over to this website’s Herd of Sheffield section where you’ll find loads of photos of the elephant sculptures.

Bears of Sheffield on Twitter: @BearsofSheffield
Street Art Sheffield on Twitter: @streetartsheff

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