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It’s time to reveal what our readers/followers favourite artworks of 2023 were.

For the second year running, we asked you what were your favourite new murals of the last 12 months from Sheffield’s continually evolving street art scene. We had a fantastic response this year, doubling the number of participants compared with the previous one.

Thank you to everyone that participated and helped promote the poll. We also really enjoyed reading the comments that people left for us. It’s appreciated that so many of you enjoy what Street Art Sheffield is all about.

Looking at what has made it into the top ten really highlights the diversity of styles that make up Sheffield’s street art scene.

Number 10 – Jo Peel, Meadowhall Road

Mural by Jo Peel

In tenth place is the ever popular Jo Peel with her Meadowhall Road mural. It’s an impressive piece, spanning some 100m along the side of a former steel factory. The mural’s width made it a challenging piece to photograph, especially as the road is often busy.

The mural represents the changing seasons and is beautiful. Jo painted a second mural just around the corner from this one earlier in 2023.

Number 9 – Marquis De Rabbit, Steelyard Kelham

Mural by Marquis de Rabbit

The smallest of the murals to feature in your top ten is Marquis De Rabbit’s Steelyard Kelham dog. This is a really fun piece, and proved very popular when we included it on our street art tours of ‘Kelham Island’.

It combines stencil art with a physical traffic cone to create an image of a small dog cocking his leg against the cone.

Number 8 – Zoe Genders, Howard Road

Mural by Zoe Genders

In a number 8 is the only piece of shutter art to feature in the top ten. Zoe Genders created this mural as part of the Walkley & Upperthorpe Arts Trail created in the first half of 2023. We loved the abstract Peak District inspired art, and apparently so did you.

Number 7 – Florence Blanchard, Sandford Grove Road

Mural by Florence Blanchard

In seventh place is Florence Blanchard. Her abstract wall mural in Nether Edge is a bit of a hidden gem.

Apparently the design for this was ready way back in 2022, but delays meant Florence didn’t get to bring it to reality until 2023. We’re pleased to see it finally come together as it is a stunning mural. It not only incorporates the walls, but also the comm boxes in front of them.

Number 6 – Peachzz, Pond Street

Mural by Peachzz

In at number 6 is Peachzz with her Pond Street mural, opposite the Bus Station. The wall is a celebration of community and a reminder of the importance of human relationships and the beauty of coming together. At the centre of the mural are two flowers, Sheffield’s city flower, the wood crane’s-bill, and the Yorkshire white rose.

Back in November, Peachzz won in the mural category of the Keith Hayman Awards for this artwork.

Number 5 – Rob Lee, Howard Lane

Mural by Rob Lee

In fifth place is ‘Aberrate’ by Rob Lee. Painted back in March, it was initially partially obstructed by a large council parking sign which Rob had to work around. Thankfully, the council moved the sign so that we could enjoy the mural in all its wavy glory.

This mural received a commendation at the Keith Hayman Awards last year.

There was just one vote between this and the next artwork on the chart of your favourite murals of 2023.

Number 4 – Bubba 2000

Mural by Bubba 2000

In at number 4 is Bubba 2000’s tribute to Richard Hawley. It was painted outside Blend Kitchen on Ecclesall Road where Hawley is a patron. Sadly, the organisation, which trained vulnerable adults, had to close towards the end of last year. Bubba’s mural remains, and features the words ‘tonight the streets are ours’, a popular Richard Hawley song.

Number 3 – Tom J Newell, Fagan’s

Mural by Tom J Newell

Third place goes to Tom J Newell for his ‘Enjoy a Guinness at Fagan’s’ mural (painted by Alex Thompson).

This one is hidden away in Fagan’s beer garden. It’s a tribute to the pub’s former landlords, Tom and Barbara, who retired at the start of 2023 after 37 years in charge of the pub. They feature in the artwork sat under a parasol enjoying a relaxing pint.

Number 2 – Nicole White, Upperthorpe

Mural by Nicole White

In second place is Nicole White’s painted comms cabinets on Upperthorpe. It’s also the second artwork from the Walkley & Upperthorpe Arts Trail to feature in the top ten.

These cabinets feature a fox and a badger, along with the silhouette of a swift. Swifts feature on all of the painted cabinets that form the arts trail around the area.

Number 1 – Elle Koziupa, London Road

Mural by Elle Koziupa

The favourite mural of 2023, as voted for by Street Art Sheffield followers, was Elle Koziupa’s incredible London Road mural. Well over a third of respondents picked this wall as one of their favourites of the year. We believe this is a well deserved win.

Elle is currently an apprentice artist at Global Street Art, an advertising company that reinvests profits from hand-painted adverts into community art initiatives like this one. Sadly, that means this mural will have a short life, but hopefully it lasts as long as Peachzz’s mural of a parrot that previously occupied this wall and came first in our Best of 2022.

Elle Koziupa is only 20, making her the youngest artist in the top ten. Hopefully the success of this artwork will lead to lots of incredible opportunities for her. We’re eager to see what she creates in the future.

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