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Last month we returned to Manchester to seek out some more street art. There were a few pieces we were aware of on our previous trip back in March but missed, so we were keen to go back and find them.

Floor mural by Venessa Scott of water and flowers
Wildlife and Waterways, Venessa Scott

One of the murals we were especially eager to find was this beautiful feature wall by Peachzz. Our photo doesn’t really do it justice. The mural is one of the artist’s largest works to date, covering most of the New York Street side of the six storey Faulkner House.

Large wall mural of a heron with open wings
Peachzz, Faulkner House

You’ll find a few smaller pieces by Peachzz in several locations around Sheffield. It would be great to get her to return to paint something on a larger scale here.

Mural of a masked NHS nurse by Akse
Squid Games mural by Akse
Mural of a pink cartoon cat holding fish in its paws and one in its mouth

Like Sheffield, Manchester’s street art scene is constantly changing, so there were several new pieces that had been created since our last visit. For example, Akse’s Captain Tom mural had been replaced by a new colourful piece by Brezaux featuring a kingfisher. Just behind this was a fantastic new piece by Mr Cenz.

Substation wall mural of a kingfisher with a fluorescent floral background
Fluoro Nature, Brezaux
Brightly coloured portrait of a woman
Mr Cenz
Liam Bononi

This collab graffiti piece stretching along Thomas Street was great. Sadly, as it was so busy the best we could do was photograph it in parts.


Street Art Sheffield’s focus remains on celebrating the steel city’s vibrant street art scene. However, we love seeing what neighbouring cities have to offer. If you’ve enjoyed this blog post check out some of our other posts about Manchester, Leeds and Nottingham.

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